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What Materials Should I Use For My Window Frame Replacements?

What Materials Should I Use For My Window Frame Replacements?

What Materials Should I Use For My Window Frame Replacements?

Thinking of doing some window remodeling? Looking into replacing your frames? Choosing what material to use for your replacement windows/window frames is like choosing what wood to use for your door, or what rug to put in your living room. Everything about your home décor is a statement, so choose wisely.



Depending on the style of the rest of your home, you may not have much of choice other than going with wooden frames. If you have an older vintage style house, wood frames are really the only way to go. It gives the impression of authenticity and coziness. There’s nothing artificial about wood based window frames. Those who want to sit by the fire and have a glass of wine in a cozy old cabin style home should go for the wood, for sure.



The biggest advantage to vinyl window replacements has to be the low maintenance. They’re the same color inside and out so you’ll never have to paint them, and they will last you as long as most other options. But this can be as much a pro as it is a con, because if you have an older style home you will not be able to disguise it with a paint job. In any case, if you go with vinyl, make sure not to put them near the fire as there’s potential for the material to melt in the heat.



It’s low maintenance and easily manipulated. So if you have oddly shaped windows, aluminum is one of the most malleable materials you’ll find as far as window frames are concerned. It’s pretty durable, but also easy to install because it isn’t heavy. However, aluminum, like practically all other materials, is only conducive to certain households. It does not hold heat very well, so if you’re living in a particularly cold area, you may want to go with something else.



Fiberglass is likely the best material available for window frames. Fiberglass frames are resistant to extreme temperatures, they’re more durable, and they require no maintenance whatsoever. Their appearance is modern and sleek and they won’t ever splinter like wood, rust over like aluminum, or melt like vinyl, regardless of where you put them. The only problem is cost. Fiberglass is simply far too expensive for the average buyer, which effectively protects each of its competitors. From the looks of it, fiberglass will not be replacing wood or aluminum any time soon as the dominant material on the market. That being said, if your budget permits it, fiberglass is probably your best bet.

The window frame market grows steadily more diverse with every day, and making a decision can be tough. But if you’re interested in window remodeling and are living in or near Sullivan County, Brian Hommel can walk you through the pros and cons of each and every material and install it for you for an affordable cost.