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Maintain Septic Services Or Pay The Price

Maintain Septic Services Or Pay The Price

Maintain Septic Services Or Pay The Price

A Massachusetts woman was ordered by the state last Friday to pay $50,000 following a lawsuit from 2014 accusing her of failing to repair or replace her sewage disposal system once it started leaking, creating hazardous conditions for people on her property. Let this be a lesson to anyone who may have neglected to perform proper septic services in the past.


Most notably among the affected were the elderly residents of a 92-bed nursing home and the children of a daycare center.The offender is the owner of both. Sewage was found overflowing in the facilities’ parking lot and the walkway adjacent to the playground. She reportedly agreed to have a new wastewater treatment built by the end of 2016 following last week’s settlement.


Following the 2014 lawsuit, the offender actually did make repairs, and there has not been an overflow of sewage to the system since. Presumably, had she taken such measures earlier, she could have prevented receiving such attention from the state, which ultimately has forced her to replace the septic system altogether.


According to the lawsuit, the offender knew for years about the overflowing and septic leakage, and consciously opted not to attend to it. Now she’s required to obtain state approval of a new design plan for the replaced system by March so that construction can be begin at the start of May. Not only is she now forced to pay more money than she would have if she covered her bases earlier, but now she will also have constant monitoring from the state, which could complicate future business endeavors.


Neglect is an all too easy temptation to succumb to. But in the end, karma always seems to find its way back into your life, especially when it is affecting helpless victims such as the elderly and children. Recognize that your septic system affects your life as much as it does those around you, and that it is simply not a nice thing to ignore it. You should get your septic tank pumped at least every two years. Any less is just inconsiderate and you will pay for it eventually.


So to anyone who needs certain septic services, whether you need septic pumping in Wappingers Falls, NY or elsewhere in New York, don’t leave it until last minute. Take care of it today. Contact Jones Septic at 845 452 1123 or 800 696 6878 and get it taken care of before it’s too late.