3 Tricks To Make Chrome Run Faster

3 Tricks To Make Chrome Run Faster

3 Tricks To Make Chrome Run Faster

Let’s face it. Google consists of some of the smartest and most talented people on the planet, and the technologies and devices they release into the world are immaculate. So it’s safe to say that so long as Google has its name on something, it most likely will be of a certain standard. With that said, if you haven’t yet switched to Google Chrome, you should. And when you do, you can refer to this article for how to make it operate exceedingly efficiently. Here are some tricks to make your Google Chrome run faster, brought to you by the IT support Manhattan services team at E-Valve Technologies.

Step 1: Deactivate plugins

Chrome, just like most of the applications you have installed on your computer, is full of plugins. And as well intentioned as these plugins may be, they’re slowing you down! In order to remove them, type in “chrome://plugins” in your address bar. This will bring you to a list of all the plugins you have installed. Scroll through them and read up on what they do. If you find one you don’t find particularly necessary, go ahead and get rid of it, and you’ll notice an immediate change in the speed of your loading time.

Step 1: Remove automated activation of remaining plugins

Of course, you don’t want to remove all of your plugins. Some of them are actually pretty useful, sometimes. But not always, yet mostly all of them usually activate automatically, and this is counterproductive, burdensome, and unnecessary. Adjust all the other plugins that you’ve decided to keep so that they ask your permission by selecting “Click to load”. This gives you more control, so that in times when you’re in a rush, you’ll know to hold off on the plugins for the time being.

Step 3: Deactivate extensions

Next come the extensions, which, like your plugins, are taking up a lot of unnecessary time and space. Search “chrome://extensions” and do as you did with the plugins. Scroll through and remove what you don’t need. You’ll have the option of disabling the extension by unclicking the check next to the Enabled feature. Or, if you believe you won’t ever be needing that particular extension, you can also always just toss it in the trash. And if you change your mind after trashing something, you always have the option of reinstalling it later.

If that doesn’t cut it and you’re still not satisfied with the speed of your Chrome, there are still more measures to be taken. For more IT tips, speak to a professional at E-Valve Technologies. They have an IT support Manhattan team of experts who have experience with literally thousands of different IT related problems. With their help, not only will your Google Chrome be faster than ever, but your entire computer will be running like new. They offer at home as well as in office services for individuals and small businesses. To set up an appointment give them a call today at 646-564-3636.

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