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4 Ways to Increase Your Sales Using Email

4 Ways to Increase Your Sales Using Email

4 Ways to Increase Your Sales Using Email

Email is an extremely useful tool for small businesses that want to maximize their revenue. As long as you know the proven strategies that work, you can take advantage of email marketing services to multiply your sales, expand your customer base, and make your clients buy from you over and over. After reading this article, you’ll discover 4 time-tested secrets to boost your sales using email.

List Segmentation

One of the profit-boosting benefits of using email to reach your clients is that you can create “sub-lists” of clients who have purchased similar products in the past, so you can send them targeted emails with relevant offers aimed to their needs (instead of sending a generic email to everyone in your list). You also can create sub-lists of customers who have purchased high-ticket products, and send them emails containing irresistible offers on your most expensive products (instead of offering high-ticket products to people who have bought low-ticket products in the past). This approach is guaranteed to greatly increase your conversions (and sales), because you’ll be specifically targeting hot customers who have bought the same products in the recent past.

Abandoned Shopping Carts

Another way to increase your sales using email is that now you’ll be able to “reactivate” abandoned shopping carts. Just by sending a short email to the person who abandoned the shopping cart, you can make him come back to your website and spend even more money.

Special Promotions

Using email to promote special “holiday” sales will help you increase your sales during slow seasons. You should be hosting a “special sale” event every month (if possible), and if you don’t know how to name the “special event,” you can just look at the calendar and name it after a national holiday. Besides, you can take advantage of email to alert your clients about your “July 4th sale” or your “Valentine’s Day sale.” In addition, you can create an online-only sale of a specific product and send a targeted email to your customers.

Reactivate Old Customers

Sometimes, all you need to do to reactivate an old customer is to tell him that you sincerely miss him… and offer him a compelling deal on one of your hottest products. You can do this quickly and effortlessly with a simple email, and you can even automate this process – so any customer who doesn’t buy anything from you for 6 months will start receiving a series of emails about how important he is for you and your business and how you’re looking to show your appreciation with an amazing offer on your best-selling product.

These 4 proven, time-tested strategies are the key to fully unleash the power of email to help you maximize your sales. However, this is just an overview of what you need to do in order to grow your business fast by taking advantage of email marketing services. To know more about how you can accelerate the growth of your small business, and multiply your sales almost overnight, then you’ve got to contact Solutions For Growth, a professional email marketing agency  at (914) 533-7226.