4 Of The Worst Hacks Of The Past Half Decade

4 Of The Worst Hacks Of The Past Half Decade

4 Of The Worst Hacks Of The Past Half Decade

Hacks happen. A lot. More than you even know. Some reports suggest that state-sponsored cyber attacks take place by the minute. Usually, those attacks are of no avail, because most of us take good care of our devices and make sure all of the proper security measures are taken. After once in a blue moon, someone slips up, and all of a sudden the whole house of cards goes tumbling. In case you don’t already have enough incentive to get reliable IT support Manhattan based company E-Valve Technologies is going to show you just how bad it can get. Here are the worst hacks of the last half decade.

Adobe: In 2013, Adobe was hacked and it affected over 150 million people. Passwords and email addresses, and credit card info was stolen just like that, according a study by Sophos, a security vendor. We still don’t know exactly how they did it, either, as it hasn’t been revealed to the public. Hackers also downloaded source codes, which apparently are the foundation of Adobe’s software. You can check here to see if you were one of the people who was hacked.

E-Bay: Around one year after the Adobe crisis, just under 150 million people were affected by the big eBay hack of 2014. Somehow, they managed to crack eBay’s encryption and gain the passwords of nearly all of its users. They also got a hold of their email addresses, usernames, and some personal data, although reportedly no payment info was taken, somehow.

Target: That same year, Target was also hit. This time, just over 100 million people’s data was compromised, but this time, in addition to emails, customer data that was stolen included credit and debit card numbers. The hackers used HVAC contractors’ credentials while they were working on a project in Target. They used this information to infiltrate the network and the rest was history. As a result, the CEO lost his job and the company was sued for some $10 million by victims of the hack.

Home Depot: Here was another example in which credit and debit card numbers were compromised, only this time it resulted in costing customers up to a total of $80 billion dollars! Apparently the hackers managed to snake their way in through the self-checkout system and then put in malware that then delivered the credit card info to the hackers. They offered free credit monitoring following the attack, but that hardly makes up for the $62 million they had to pay to clean the whole mess up.

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