5 Tips To Get People To Open Your Emails

5 Tips To Get People To Open Your Emails

5 Tips To Get People To Open Your Emails

When done properly, email marketing services is one of the most valuable resources you have for reaching your clients and subscribers. The key then, is finding a way to remain in contact without seeming intrusive.

The average American witnesses tens of thousands of advertisements per day by no choice of their own, many of which are through email. That’s why it’s your responsibility to distinguish yourself from the rest, not by knocking down their doors, but by gently letting them know that you still exist and that you are here to make their lives easier, not harder.

This all begins with your email subject line, which is no doubt far more important than the actual content of the email. Here are 7 ways to increase your luck with getting your subscribers to open your emails:

  1. DON’T USE ALL CAPS! Translate those capital letters to spoken word and you have a salesperson who is basically screaming at his customers. You don’t want to look so desperate that you’ve lost your temper during your first impression. And besides, SPAM filters usually pick up all caps email subjects, meaning in most cases people will not even have the opportunity to see your emails in the first place.
  2. Avoid overused words: Don’t even think about mentioning anything free, or any ‘20% off discounts’. If you’re that anxious to tell your customers, most will assume there’s a catch and move right onto the next email. And again, these are buzz-words for SPAM filters. Your goal is to be as personable as possible, so that your customers don’t shudder when they see your emails, but rather get a bit excited to read what it is you’ve got to tell them today.
  3. Be a contrarian: Just so long as you stick to your guns and truly believe in what you write, going against the grain will more often than not work to your advantage. If for nothing else, people want to hear an alternative perspective. The goal is to simply get them to open the email. So if your subject is provocative enough, then you will have done your job.
  4. Challenge/call out your readers: Oddly enough, negative titles tend to yield higher email opening rates. Controversy works to your advantage, so if you address a problem of sorts in your subject, you will pull a lot more people in than if you sugar coat it with an excess of positivity. Entrepreneurship expert Barry Moltz said one of the most opened emails he’s ever sent was titled 5 Reasons Why Stupid People Make More Money Than You.
  5. Numbers/Lists: Speaking of that ‘stupid people’ title, take note of the 5 at the beginning. You don’t know these people personally. They don’t owe you a thorough read of anything you write. That’s why, if you really want them to give you any time at all, you should make it as quick and easy as possible to consume the key information that you’re trying to communicate to them.

All in all, what you really want is to build a connection with your subscribers. Don’t be desperate. Don’t be overly anxious. Maintain a certain level of transparency and keep it concise. The more you treat these people like individuals rather than numbers, the more they will reciprocate the favor.

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