A Cautionary Tale Of Email Marketing Gone Wrong

A Cautionary Tale Of Email Marketing Gone Wrong

A Cautionary Tale Of Email Marketing Gone Wrong

Full service email marketing can either be an advantageous, and even crucial part of your marketing department, or it can be the single thing that sinks the entire company. That holds true at practically every phase of a business’s development. Doubters beware, thou shalt not underestimate the power of email marketing. Below is a cautionary tale, which hopefully will act as incentive to start emailing more effectively and responsibly.


Company X is an e-commerce enterprise. It is a mid-sized company and email marketing services is one of its most heavily utilized marketing resources. It has been growing at a steady rate since its inception ten years ago. Eventually, Company X gets bought, and all of a sudden its clientele quadruples, yet it still employs the same marketing tactics it did as a startup. In time, the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality will backfire on them, as they refuse to use data driven marketing tactics to drive exponential growth.


As a startup, they found great success in dedicating finely crafted emails for each of their products. Ample time was spent with each email and blasted out to subscribers, which in turn yielded more sales, eventually leading to them being bought by a larger company. However, now that they are no longer merely a startup, the list of products they are selling is larger, less inventive and released with much higher frequency.


Whereas Company X was once putting out cutting edge accessories, now they release hundreds of new product monthly, many of which are simple, generic, and forgettable. Yet, despite this expansion, they refuse to adapt their business model to their new size. As a result, clients begin receiving emails, sometimes on a daily basis, from Company X selling the blandest of bland products.


Additionally, Company X does not segment their emails. Instead, segmentation takes place each day manually, based on limited data from dated surveys. As a result, dozens of employees are wasting time and company money on writing emails all day instead of dedicating their time to more productive marketing tactics, especially since there’s no telling whether the emails that they spend so much time writing will interest those they are sending them to since the data on the recipients is so limited.


Now Company X is not meeting its financial goals. If they do not devote more time to segmenting, and rationing their email marketing services soon, they will promptly pay the ultimate price and have to close up shop.


There are a few lessons here. Rule number one, know who you are writing to and don’t blow up their inbox unless you are sure, based on recent and detailed evidence, that you are contacting these people for a good reason. Rule number two, when clientele reaches a certain quantity, it is crucial that you organize your data effectively and meticulously for each of your subscribers, so that you can segment your emails accordingly, instead of wasting precious company time on useless emails selling items that your customers are not even interested in.


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