Big Data Can Slow Down Email Marketing

Big Data Can Slow Down Email Marketing

Big Data Can Slow Down Email Marketing

Customer data is vital to any successful full service email marketing campaign. These kinds of campaigns are best run by professionals at an email marketing agency. But one unfortunate detail that goes overlooked is that email marketing technology has fallen a bit behind. As big data grows more available, it only seems logical that you would want to capitalize on it.

But in reality, that’s not yet the case. Big data reveals only a limited amount of insight into clients. Unpacking that data is an entire other step that grows more overwhelming with the more data that is made available. Often times, collecting excessive amounts of data can slow down campaigns, sometimes to a crippling degree. Marketing needs to move fast, but organizing big data in such a way that can be converted into results-generating email campaigns is slower than the average marketer would like to admit.

Selling products based on recent news, like the weather, often times takes too long. By the time you have all the necessary data based on the weather conditions, the weather has since changed and is no longer relevant.

It stands to reason that the technology will arrive in due time. But for the time being, it’s not quite there yet, which means you should proceed with caution, or you could end up alienating some impatient customers.

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