Email Marketing Blunders From Major Enterprises

Email Marketing Blunders From Major Enterprises

Email Marketing Blunders From Major Enterprises

Email marketing services is an all too frequently misused section of a company. It’s easy to assume it’s all self-evident when in reality a lot of email marketing strategies are counterintuitive. Sometimes even the biggest companies in the world can screw up their email marketing services, sometimes simply through carelessness, and other times through poorly constructed initiatives. Here are a couple examples of big businesses making blatant email marketing blunders.


The New York Times

Times readers across the nation were falsely informed one morning that their subscriptions had expired and were subsequently offered a deal to renew. The email was intended to be sent to only some 300 people, but instead was blasted out to 8 million subscribers nationwide. This not only confused the heck out of everyone, but also made the NYT look unprofessional and poorly managed. How did this happen? Apparently, it was as simple as one employee at one point in time simply pressing the Send All button by accident.


So what’s the lesson here? Be conscious of who you’re writing to. The less you waste your readers time, the more they’ll be willing to read your emails when you need them to. How do you prevent this from happening? Cover you bases and develop a system of checks and balances. Also, maybe look into the new gmail feature for canceling sent emails within a brief window of time. After all, everyone makes mistakes. Even the Times!



Rewarding customer loyalty can be an effective marketing tactic when properly utilized. However, such endeavors can be touchy and counterproductive if mismanaged. Groupon launched a $5,000,000 sweepstakes to celebrate an anniversary, sending out an email to every one of their subscribers with a big red button that had a big number and a dollar sign on it. Some surely didn’t even bother opening it and were a bit frustrated because it seemed phony. But the others, from whom the campaign did yield some good will, were mostly disappointed as the vast majority of people did not win the sweepstakes.


What they could’ve done differently was make the reward a bit smaller but more widely distributed. Alternatively, another option would’ve been to keep the $5 mil prize, but to also reward those who participated and lost with some sort of discount. Instead, 99% of the people who opened that email simply lost those five minutes of their day and they’ll never get them back.


Email marketing is tricky because it is so easy to come off as intrusive. But if you are purposeful with your writing and you ration your emails effectively, you can improve your customer following rather than damage it. For more interesting stories on how email marketing services can either supplement or sink a company, contact Solutions For Growth, which is the best darn email marketing agency in town.

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