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Email marketing tips for the holidays

Email marketing tips for the holidays

Email marketing tips for the holidays

Christmas is only two months away. That means it’s time to start getting your customers thinking about the holiday season. The best way to do that is through email marketing. Below is a list of tips on how to be effective in reaching your customers.

Get them thinking about it with holiday cheer

They already know it, but the more they think about it, the closer they are to making a buy. So fill your emails with holiday cheer as much as possible. That means mentioning as much traditional fluff as possible, especially in the subject line. Using keywords in your subject line like Christmas tree, gifts, cookies, reindeer, snow, vacation, etc. are great ways to persuade your clients to open those emails.

Remind them that the clock is ticking!

We all know we’ve got to buy some presents, but a lot of us like to procrastinate. It’s your job to keep your customers’ eye on the prize. Reward them for being proactive, and let them know that the deals won’t last through the holiday season. So the more they wait, the more they’ll end up paying in the end.

Make sure your emails are mobile friendly

With each year more people are shopping on their phones more than their computers. Anyone who ignores this trend will be left behind. And that goes not only for the emails but for your website as well. People are going to receive the emails in their hands. If they’re interested, but can’t get to the site minutes after seeing your email, they will promptly forget about it.

Brevity is everything

Clear and concise! More words means more reading which means less buying. As our attention spans shrink, the window of time in which a potential buyer shows interest in your product will become ever smaller with each iPhone is released. Say what you gotta say, and get on with it already.

Plug in as many holiday keywords as you can, most importantly in your subject line. Then, both in your subject and the email’s body, make sure to remind your customers that the holiday is getting closer by the minute. Make sure they can reach your products by cellphone. And finally, don’t waste their time. They don’t know you and they have no reason for devoting more than a matter seconds to your email. Get to the point, and make sure they know that you have something that they want. Then let them move on with their day. These are the keys to effecting full service email marketing.

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