How To Encrypt Your Android Phone

How To Encrypt Your Android Phone

How To Encrypt Your Android Phone

Android phones are wonderful devices. They’re exceptionally fast, easy to use, and capable of things unimaginable to the average human being. And yet, with every spectacular new innovation, there must always come its evil counterpart. Android phones, unfortunately, are alarmingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Not even a year has passed since reports throughout the country came out saying that some 90% of Android phones had a gaping security hole that left passwords, personal data and credit card numbers entirely vulnerable to hackers. And while, for the most part, that void has been filled, allegedly, there still remains the sentiment that our privacy is still at risk. If you have concerns about the security of your Android phone, encryption could save you a lot of money and humiliation.

A few important side effects to consider:

Before you encrypt your phone, it’s important that you’re aware of what that entails. There are a few factors may discourage you from doing so. For example, your performance speed will be noticeably slower. That’s because encryption must take place every time you access a file. Also, bear in mind that once you take the leap, there’s no turning back. You cannot un-encrypt your phone.

Things to know before you start:

If none of the above bothers you, then great! Let’s get started. But first, just know what this process entails. Encryption can take a while. Sometimes over an hour, and sometimes even longer. Also, you have to charge your phone. It won’t even work if it’s below 80%, but it’s usually safest if you have it at full charge. Also, you cannot unplug it at any point while the process is going on. DO NOT UNPLUG OR YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF YOUR DATA! And finally, if your device is rooted, you’re going to have to unroot it temporarily.

Let’s get started!:

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get this show on the road. Step 1, go to Security in your Settings folder. Locate where it says Encryption and select “Encrypt phone”. You may be given some warnings, but they will only consist of information that you are already aware of. Click through all of that and continue to select again an option that says “Encrypt Phone”. After that you’re given, that’s right, another warning. Are you sure! You know the drill. Then your phone will restart and the process will commence. Now you wait. Don’t touch it! Everything will be fine. We promise. When it’s done, it’ll reboot again and you’ll be asked to set up your security. You can make a password, PIN number or swipe pattern.

You made it! Now your device is safe and sound. That said, it’s always a worthy precaution to have experts available just in case. You never know what crazy news story is going to come out next. So in the interest of staying prepared, why not call your trusty IT support Manhattan services team at E-Valve Technologies. For more information on how they can help keep your devices safe, give them at a call at 646-564-3636.

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