For Any Doubters Of The Value Of Email Marketing

For Any Doubters Of The Value Of Email Marketing

For Any Doubters Of The Value Of Email Marketing

Communication with clients and customers is one of the most crucial parts of running a successful business. In order to survive, not only is it important to stay in contact with those who are already following you, but it is also imperative that you grow and expand. We all have had our fair share of junk mail and of course it can all be a bit frustrating at times. Nevertheless, at the end of the day there is no denying the effectiveness of full service email marketing, which statistically acquires 40% more new users than Facebook or Twitter, according to studies.


Think of it this way. Full service email marketing is an investment, and thus holds to some extent a bit of risk. You have the potential to alienate some people if you are careless. But if done responsibly, you could double or even quadruple your reach within a matter of weeks. To look at email marketing services as an investment is to keep your eye on your returns. The numbers don’t lie. The return on investment (ROI) of an effective email marketing agency could potentially be some $38 per each $1 that you spend.


Consider how many people use email as a form of communication today, compared to how many will be using it in about four years. Estimates suggest that number will likely increase by over two billion by 2019. The net revenue around the planet was just under $14 billion last year. Within four years, that will have nearly tripled.


Indeed, it should go without saying, to not take advantage of full service email marketing is to essentially throw in the towel and allow your competitors to excel as your business fades into the ether of brands who once had potential but failed to utilize effective marketing strategies.


Let us not forget, however, that effective email marketing is a sensitive endeavor. Engaging users without them feeling as though they are being intruded upon is an art that takes time to master. Most importantly, personalization goes a very long way.


Additionally, there are hundreds of email marketing programs. So choosing the right one to run your email campaigns can make a big difference. Finding a good balance between automation and personalization is key. And this can vary depending on the size of your company.


However, no matter the size, by choosing the right email marketing agency, you will be ensuring that the professionals get it right the first time, saving you the trouble, time, and money of the tedious learning curve.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling legal advice or second hand sneakers. Building an expansive online presence is key to your company’s success. That entails a solid SEO campaign, but also, a carefully crafted email marketing campaign with skilled digital marketing writers and specialists who know the best programs and best words to make your company look ideal.
That’s where Solutions For Growth comes in. They are the email marketing agency you need to propel your product or service forward. For more information, you can call them at 888-840-2595, extension 1, or contact them online with any inquiries and they will have a response for you ASAP.

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