How Home Automation Helps You Slash Your Utility Bills

How Home Automation Helps You Slash Your Utility Bills

How Home Automation Helps You Slash Your Utility Bills

Let’s be honest. American homes are extremely inefficient when it comes to electricity consumption. This is because lights, appliances, and HVAC systems are using electricity when nobody is at home… and they are large contributors to your monthly electricity bills. Nevertheless, a home automation system will help you lower your utility bills, here’s how:


A smart home will automatically turn off the lights of an empty room, so you’re not wasting electricity. Your smart home also detects sunlight, and your lights will turn on only if there’s not enough natural light available (unless you turn on the lights by yourself, of course).  Besides, if you ever forget to turn off the lights, and you’re going to be away from home for a while, you can just use your smartphone to solve the problem.

Another money-saving advantage of smart homes is the new smart LED light bulbs. These light bulbs give you the same incandescence of a regular 60 Watt light bulb… and they only need 7 Watts to work (this means energy savings of 80%).

According to the California Energy Commission, lighting accounts for about 25% of your home’s electricity bill, so it’s very important to use your lights appropriately… and a smart home is the best way to use lighting wisely.

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As you know, appliances still consume power when they’re turned off (this is called standby power, or “phantom energy”). The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that standby power represents 10% of your home’s electrical use. Moreover, people usually leave home before turning off their appliances… boosting the cost of their electricity bills.

However, a smart home is equipped with “smart plugs” that monitor the power consumption of your appliances and control the flow of electricity. If you forget to turn off your appliances before leaving for work, your smart home will automatically turn off any unneeded appliances… and it’ll also prevent your appliances from using electricity while they’re turned off.


Heating and cooling your home demands excessive amounts of energy. The U.S. Department of Energy discovered that your HVAC system accounts for approximately 54% of your monthly utility bill. Unfortunately, most of the energy used by your HVAC system is squandered on an empty “regular” house.

In contrast, an automated home possesses a smart thermostat (like the Nest Learning Thermostat). The smart thermostat will make sure you home is fresh and cool (or warm and cozy, depending on the season) while you’re at home… and it will turn off your AC (or furnace) when you’re away from home.

A smart home is, by far, the best way to slash your utility bills. It may be expensive at first, but your smart devices will pay for themselves by reducing your utility bills. So, if you live in the Hudson Valley, and you want a home automation system… then the right choice is to call Cyber Technologies, the premier provider of home automation solutions in the Hudson Valley.

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