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How to improve your email open rates

How to improve your email open rates

How to improve your email open rates

Email open rates are major indicators of the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. Email marketing has the highest returns of investment than any other marketing method. For every dollar spent on email marketing, there is a $40 return. No other marketing strategy has this advantage.

Email marketing services also offer high engagement rates, heightened brand awareness, a global reach, and the opportunity to strengthen customer relationships.

Your small business will be highly benefited from using an email marketing agency that provides effective email marketing services which can take your small business to the next level.

Create a concise, attention grabbing subject line

Your goal is to peak your customers’ interest enough for them to want to open the email.  Be clear and concise, keeping your objective in mind. Engage your customers with a captivating subject line.

Be personal

Including the name of your subscriber will always boost your open rates. People generally open emails from people they know or companies they trust. If they feel like they can trust you, there’s a higher chance that they will open your email.


An email marketing agency can certainly help you determine the best times to send out emails by testing different times. Compare weekdays from weekends and evenings from mornings to help you decide the optimal time to send emails.


According to new studies, approximately 74% of smartphone users read emails on their mobile device and according to a Litmus Email Analytics study, 53% of emails are now only opened on mobile devices. The email marketing agency you are using for email marketing services should be knowledgeable on how to optimize emails for mobile devices. About 70% of smartphone users immediately delete emails that are not optimized for mobile viewing. Beat your competition with mobile friendly emails.

Avoid being classified as spam

Avoid using all capitals in subject lines, using dollar signs, the words “free,” “act now,” “cheap,” “order now” or anything similar in your emails. There are several email marketing services that create unique, original content and make sure the emails are deliverable and not considered as spam.

Valuable content

Provide interesting, useful information to subscribers related to your respective industry. Customers will appreciate the relevant and valuable information you are providing them with and will look forward to reading your emails.

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