Natural Language Processing Will Soon Appear In Hospitals Everywhere

Natural Language Processing Will Soon Appear In Hospitals Everywhere

Natural Language Processing Will Soon Appear In Hospitals Everywhere

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. It is the means by which all important information circulates between the various departments of a healthcare facility. The NLP Engine aggregates the Physician’s Documentation, Quality Coding and the Real-Time EHR (Electronic Health Record). With Hiteks’ Real-Time Solutions, all three can be stored and circulated cohesively. From the point of care, when clinicians first enter data into the system, on down to the billing department, everything is automatically recorded and stored with existing workflow in real time. This takes quality reporting to a higher caliber, and allows for far more accurate reimbursement submissions. Ultimately, the idea is to remove the potential for human error as much as possible.

Ultimately, one of the primary objectives of Hiteks as a company is to utilize the NLP engine and optimize workflow for physicians, clinicians, nurses, medics, etc., as well as improve revenue capture and maximize the quality of reporting and patient documentation. These were all aspects of the healthcare industry that historically have had too many missing pieces. Hiteks is here to finish the puzzle and make the industry as a whole run smoother.

Hiteks embraces a investigatory, know-how approach to documentation improvement. They embrace the desire to always be improving, and they’ve taken that sentiment in stride. It was that mentality that has brought us as a species here, and it will be that mentality that takes us to new heights in the very near future. These technologies will only continue to improve with time, and Hiteks will most certainly be at the forefront. It won’t be long before you start seeing clinicians everywhere embracing this new way or recording, storing, and analyzing patient data through the use of these technologies.

All of Hiteks’ Real-Time Quality Solutions, including their Real-Time Scribe, their Medical Diagnosis Calculator, and their Medical Documentation Improvement Software are all in full ICD-compliance. Hiteks is based in New York City and services healthcare facilities all throughout the greater New York area, including parts of New Jersey.

You can learn more about their products and packages by going to their website. If you think you have a grasp on which of what they offer would best serve you and your business, or if you have any question you’d like to be addressed upon speaking directly with one of their representatives, you can reach out to them anytime during business hours at 212-920 0929 for more information.

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