Which Candidate Has The Best Email Marketing?

Which Candidate Has The Best Email Marketing?

Which Candidate Has The Best Email Marketing?

If you’re on any form of social media, then you have most certainly failed to avoid the presidential race. Alas, no matter whether you’re a Hilary, Bernie, or Donald supporter, you surely have spent an unfortunate proportion of your life reading up on all of the infuriating things the candidates you don’t support have done or said. Politics aside, there’s no question that one of these three has run an objectively superior full service email marketing campaign. And that is none other than Senator Bernie Sanders.

According to the Seattle Times, Donald Trump, over the course of one year of campaigning, has received the same number donations in Washington state as what Bernie Sanders receives on average in a single day from that state! And that trend has stretched far beyond just one state. An important talking piece for Mr. Sanders throughout the campaign trail has been the amount of money he’s earned from individual donors. A huge chunk of those donations are the result of extremely effective email marketing.

Apparently, their strategy consisted of a number of very important tactical decisions, including pointed placement of when and when not to be persistent, coupled with extreme brevity and reasonable requests. For example, in election week, they ramped up the amount of emails that were sent out. But they got straight to the point, and on average would ask for no more than $27. Many took them up on this minimal donation, but thanks to the confidence, brevity, and humility exercised in their emails, they often times would receive much larger donations, which eventually added up to over $200 million earned across the country!

Once again, setting aside whatever reservations you may or may not have about Mr. Sanders, credit is due for the sheer quality of digital marketing displayed by his team. Indeed, these are the kinds of skills that we can all learn from. With the right people working on the job, anything is possible.

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