SmartPlate gives you a clear picture of your eating habits

SmartPlate gives you a clear picture of your eating habits

SmartPlate gives you a clear picture of your eating habits

Tired of counting calories on your own or entering them manually on apps? Now there’s an easier, more convenient way to keep track of everything you eat as effortlessly as possible.  Fitly, a new startup based out of Philadelphia has launched a campaign on Kickstarter for the SmartPlate, the first intelligent plate that is able to track and analyze everything you eat.

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The SmartPlate features three cameras and uses weight sensors to analyze the nutritional makeup of your food. It then gives you a breakdown of the macronutrients in your food; the percentage of carbs, protein, and fat it contains.

It is designed to help you keep track of calories, control the portions you eat, and give you an accurate picture of your eating habits.

The SmartPlate will send all nutritional information to your smartphone through its app and can identify different foods simultaneously.

Although the SmartPlate itself is not microwaveable, the top is and food can be heated there before being transferred to the SmartPlate.

The SmartPlate will also recommend foods based on your diet goals and give you an alert to slow down if you’re eating too fast.

If you’re eating out at a restaurant, you can simply open your Android or iOS SmartPlate app, take a picture of your restaurant meal, and it’ll be matched to one of the restaurant dishes in a database that currently contains over 100,000 restaurant meals.

SmartPlate promises to manage your weight, improve your performance, and control your portions and macronutrients.

It is aiming to raise $100,000 and has currently raised $30,530 with 40 days to go to meet its goal.

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