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The 4 Fatal Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make with Email Marketing

The 4 Fatal Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make with Email Marketing

The 4 Fatal Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make with Email Marketing

If you’re a small business owner, then building (and working) your email list is one of your top priorities. Solutions For Growth, the leading email marketing agency that provides profit-boosting email marketing services, is now revealing the 4 fatal mistakes most small business make with email marketing:

Not Offering a Valuable “Free Gift” to Get People to Subscribe to Your Email List

If you want people to subscribe to your email list, then you’ve got to offer them something of value. This doesn’t mean “special discounts and savings,” but something that tells them about how to solve their problems, and fulfill their desires. This could be a special report, a small e-book, a 4-part online course, or a webinar.

Not Offering Interesting, Entertaining Content to Your Email List

When potential customers subscribe to your email list, they’re expecting you provide them with interesting tips and stories about their passions (needs, wants, or “problems”)… instead of spamming them with “buy now” offers.

You’ve got to offer value to your list if you want them to buy from you… and you need to make sure your autoresponder series nurtures your relationship with your list (and also repels freebie-seekers that waste your time).

If you do so, everyone in your list will eagerly wait for your next e-mail, at least to see what you come up with.

Not Taking Advantage of Email to Promote “Special Sales”

Email is perfect to promote special sales (“holiday sales”). Every month, you should have a special sale, and explain the reason why you’re offering such a good deal. The “reason why” is really important because it tells people why you’re doing what you’re doing, gives you credibility, and also gives people another reason to buy now.

Coming up with a theme (or “reason why”) for your special sale is pretty easy. Simply look at the national holidays, and name your “special sale” after them. You can have a Mother’s Day sale, a July 4th sale, a Martin Luther King’s Day sale, and whatever you want.

In addition, you can also take advantage of some situations that happen in your business. For example, you can email your list about how they can take advantage of bargain prices because you have to pay your taxes right now and need to gather the money fast.

Sending Emails Too Often… or Not Often Enough

Remember the old saying “out of sight, out of mind”? Well, this is especially true for your relationship with your email list. If you want people to remember (and recognize) you and your business, then you need to communicate with your list every day – and tell them interesting and useful stuff about what they like (that’s the #1 reason they subscribed to your list).

The opposite is also true. If you do nothing but spam your list with “buy now” offers every day (instead of talking about their needs), then your list will dwindle in record time.

Skyrocketing your sales and increasing your customers using emails isn’t really hard, but if you want to do it right, then you’ll need to hire the services of an email marketing agency. Solutions For Growth is the premier email marketing agency that provides you with proven, time-tested strategies that’ll help you grow your business almost overnight. If you truly want to take your business to the next level, then you need the best email marketing services. Don’t hesitate to talk with one of the Solutions For Growth’s email marketing specialists at (914) 533-7226.