The Value Of The Share Button In Email Marketing

The Value Of The Share Button In Email Marketing

The Value Of The Share Button In Email Marketing

Of course the end goal of marketing in general is to eventually convert brand recognition into cash in hand. But it’s not always that simple. More often than not, there are a lot of steps in between, and in most cases, the recognition is a lot more important than the cash in hand. That’s because recognition is contagious. What matters more than convincing a single customer to buy your product or service is convincing him or her that your company is so good, that they believe the rest of the world needs to know about you. Your goal, thus, is to convince these people to support you, and to convince them to want you to succeed, so much so, that they will go the extra mile to spread the word. It all starts with full service email marketing. More specifically, it all starts with the Share button in your email marketing campaign.

A good marketer must have the right mentality. In this case, the right mentality is to make sure your availability is apparent. In other words, if you are afraid to even offer to your readers the opportunity to spread the word, then they will never even know whether or not they would’ve been willing to help you in the first place. Social media is what connects over a billion people. And most of these people enjoy supporting the businesses they believe in by liking and sharing them. But first, you must engage them. And that starts with a simple, but well framed and crafted email.

The key is to couple your call to action with a demonstration of the value of the action. An effective email will give the reader just enough intrigue to want to know more, but also enough information for him or her to think your company makes for an accurate representation of the customer. If you can tap into the underpinnings of your readers’ personalities, they’ll be all the more likely to want to associate themselves with you, and more importantly, connect you to their friends and colleagues.

But above all, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of the email. What is the goal of contacting these people. Only if your intention is to spread the word should you focus your efforts on getting shares. There are plenty of circumstances in which the actual conversion takes priority, in which case the share button may feel excessive and unnecessary. Strategy varies a lot by campaign, which is why it’s so important to involve professionals, at least at the beginning until you can develop a functional strategy.

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