What To Do If Your Computer’s Freezing

What To Do If Your Computer’s Freezing

What To Do If Your Computer’s Freezing

It’s time we give credit where credit’s due. Despite all of the drops, bumps, scratches and downright abuse that your computer has taken over the years, at the end of the day it’s been good to you. It still usually turns on when you tell it to. Maybe it drags its feet a bit, but it doesn’t complain. And yeah, it’s not what it used to be. But how could it be with the way you’ve treated it! Let’s put it this way. You two have been through a lot together, which is why it’s time you took up some responsibility and figured out why your computer’s freezing and how to get it back to normal. If that doesn’t work, just know you’ve always got the option of getting the quality computer repair New York company E-Valve Technologies is known for. E-Valve Technologies offers the kind of IT support Manhattan has been waiting for.

Before you do anything, think to yourself, what’s the source? Why’s this happening? Computers can freeze as the result of issues with your software and/or hardware. Think of when it started and if it was around the time that you made some sort of addition or change. For example, if you’d just plugged in a new scanner or a printer, it’s likely that the problem can be traced back to your driver. If you’d just recently installed a new hard drive, it could be freeing because of overheating. It could also be due to it not having enough power to support the new device. If this sounds like the problem you’re dealing with, this is what you have to do to fix it.

First step is to wait. If your computer froze, it’s most likely overwhelmed and could use a bit of a break. So wait a few minutes before rebooting. While you’re at it, unplug it completely. You can take out the battery even. With no source of power whatsoever, hold the power button down for half a minute until you see lights start flashing. What you’re doing here is cutting off power to the motherboard, which effectively resets your hardware and clears your memory. Of course that doesn’t sound ideal, but sometimes, it’s a hit you just have to take.

Next, you’ve got diagnostics. Running diagnostics can vary depending on the kind of computer you have. If you have an HP, shut down your computer, wait a minute, turn it back on and press F2 repeatedly while it’s starting back up. This will bring you to the diagnostic menu, where you must select Start Up Test, then Quick, then finally One Pass. If you have a Dell, when turning your computer back on, press F12 repeatedly until the diagnostic menu appears. Then use the arrow keys to get to the diagnostic test. Once it tells you what the issues are, you can look them up online and try to fix them yourself, or you can hire professionals, in which case a healthy recovery is many times more probable.

There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a computer. But the lifespan doesn’t have to be all that limited, provided you have the right technicians working alongside you. Call E-Valve Technologies today at 646-564-3636 for the kind top notch computer repair New York City residents deserve.

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