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Why Are Email Newsletters Important?

Why Are Email Newsletters Important?

Why Are Email Newsletters Important?

You should never underestimate the value of your email newsletters, regardless of the nature of your business. Forbes magazine said “email marketing is key to business performance and revenue.” Albeit, the amount of junk we get in our inbox every day can be maddening, sometimes to the extent that it even turns a customer off of a product. But email newsletters are not the same as junk mail because they are not nearly as intrusive. Furthermore, lack thereof could be detrimental to your business. By not communicating with your customers you will no doubt be cutting your sales dramatically.

What is the difference between junk mail and newsletters? Junk mail is a numbers game. Companies will blast out as many advertisements as possible, and 90% of the time the emails will land in a junk bin where no one will ever read them. But that 10% who actually read the emails make it worth it for the companies.

Email Newsletters, on the other hand, are sent to subscribers. Most people subscribe to newsletters for products or topics in which they are particularly interested. That is to say, you are communicating with people who have specifically said they want you to keep them updated. By writing monthly newsletters you are only following their requests.

This gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your customers. You’re not just peddling a cheap discount with a massive catch that hardly makes it worth it in the first place. A newsletter is not meant to deceive, but rather is used to deliver news on your company/product/service. By delivering email newsletters to your subscribers you are allowing them to follow updates that come at a set time of the month.

The world is big and every moment your customers are not engaged in your company they are potentially being courted by competitors. Newsletters keep your subscribers engaged, which is half the battle in increasing your sales. A monthly newsletter is the best way to build a sense of loyalty so they do not feel tempted to give their business away to another company.

This is key to expanding your brand and doubling down on your profits. Returning customers, give or take depending on the industry, are known to purchase nearly twice as much as first timers.

You can also improve your reputation. Whereas flaunting a reward or some impressive statistic in an advertisement will cause many to doubt its legitimacy, informing your subscribers in newsletters engages people as would a friend telling another friend of a recent achievement. In other words, your newsletter has better credibility than does a massive email advertisement, which has a higher likelihood of being shared with your subscribers’ peers.

Speaking of which, keeping people engaged with a newsletter increases your potential for going viral, which, in the Internet, can mean everything for your brand. A newsletter can get your customers to follow your social media pages as well. The more ways they are connected to your brand, the more potential there is for them to share it with their friends.

Your doubts are understandable because in today’s day and age there is an excess of information and advertising . But email newsletters, when done well, are something that your readers should want. You need only ensure that what you write as actually interesting, and it will most definitely do you much more good than harm.

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