3 Essential Benefits of Wheelchair Vans

3 Essential Benefits of Wheelchair Vans

3 Essential Benefits of Wheelchair Vans

A wheelchair van offers superior comfort and performance for people with disabilities who need transportation. Its advantages over normal cars are significant, and owning (or renting) a wheelchair van can change the lives of disabled people and their caregivers. Here you’ll find 3 benefits of wheelchair vans:

Eliminate Pain & Hassle

Unlike regular vehicles, a wheelchair van allows your do get in the vehicle quickly, easily and effortlessly… without having to change seats or putting the wheelchair in the trunk of the car.

Sometimes is hard to get close enough to a vehicle in order to make a smooth transfer from the wheelchair to the car seat, and this problem worsens if the car seats are above (or below) the wheelchair’s level. Trying to transfer under these conditions puts a lot of stress in your neck and shoulders, and this can cause muscle and joint paint that could end up becoming painful tendinitis or arthritis.

However, a wheelchair van possesses an extremely useful ramp you can use to get inside the vehicle – completely hassle-free – and you can sit mid-cabin, behind the front seats, or in the front passenger seat. Or, if you wish to drive, you can literally put yourself in the driver’s seat and go wherever you want.

Save Time and Effort

Another benefit of wheelchair vans is that, since you don’t have to transfer from your wheelchair to the car’s seat, you’ll be able to get in the car faster that you ever thought possible… and you don’t have to fold your wheelchair and try to get it in the car. This means now you don’t have to struggle and master the “techniques” for getting into and out of your vehicle. Now you just open the wheelchair van’s side door and get inside.

Enhance Your Independence and Freedom

A wheelchair van has hand controls especially designed for people with disabilities. As long as you can drive, you can go to almost any place without any kind of assistance (and you won’t need any help from your caregivers). Having a wheelchair van means you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.

These 3 life-changing benefits of wheelchair vans will surely help you make your life much easier, and you won’t need to depend on other people when you need transportation. Additionally, you’ll also erase all the hassle that comes with having to transfer from your wheelchair to a car seat. So, if you are looking for Wisconsin Wheelchair Van Rentals, then your best option is to contact Wheelers Van Rentals. Wheelers Van Rentals possesses the best modified vehicles in the industry, and will help you select the right mobility van for your particular needs. You can contact them at 1-800-456-1371.

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