3 Magnificent Wheelchair Accessible Tourist Destinations In Philly

3 Magnificent Wheelchair Accessible Tourist Destinations In Philly

3 Magnificent Wheelchair Accessible Tourist Destinations In Philly

Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love, recently voted Best In The U.S. by the Lonely Planet, a rapidly growing and transforming cosmopolitan cultural mecca right smack in between New York City and Washington D.C. Philadelphia is home to the nation’s most passionate (and some would say notorious) sports fans as well as some of the most delicious and diverse selections of cuisine ranging from inexpensive street food (cheesesteaks!), to the classiest of classy sit-down dining. From one of the nation’s most famous and architecturally remarkable art museums in University City to the delectable Italian Market in south Philly, there’s so much to see and so little time to see it. Not to mention that mostly all of the attractions can be easily reached upon riding in Pennsylvania Wheelchair Van Rentals, which you can arrange to have waiting for you upon your arrival at the totally handicapped accessible Philadelphia International Airport.

Franklin Institute

Now that we’ve convinced you, let’s get down to just what it is that you cannot afford to pass up. If you’re a science geek, the Franklin Institute is a solid place to start, and it’s right in one of the most magnificent parts of town. You might have to pay a bit for parking, but whatever expenses you have in Philly feel like chump change compared to the neighboring New York. The name comes from the almighty Benjamin Franklin, who by the way was one of the founders of the nation’s first capital, Philadelphia. Check out three floors worth of cool stuff, including the giant heart, and a refreshingly scientific yet understandable explanation of how your own brain works!

The Philadelphia Art Museum

Once you’re done at the Franklin Institute, head on over to the art museum, which is straight down one of the most gorgeous streets in the entire city: Ben Franklin Boulevard, decorated with flags from all throughout the world. Be sure to take a picture with the timeless statue of Rocky Balboa outside the museum. You can enter through the handicapped friendly West Entrance. If the building itself isn’t enough for you, just wait until you see the art inside.

Reading Terminal Market

Hungry yet? Time to make your way over to the most diverse food court in the city. Indulge on any and every kind of food you can think of while enjoying the wildest and most fascinating of people-watching. Watch as the Amish interact with Asians, Latin Americans, and Europeans. Food is one of the most attractive features of Philadelphia as a whole, so don’t let Reading Terminal be your only stop. The longer you stay, the more satisfied you’ll be with the your meals. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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