A Guide To Disneyland For People With Physical Disabilities

A Guide To Disneyland For People With Physical Disabilities

A Guide To Disneyland For People With Physical Disabilities

July 4th is nearly here. What better way to celebrate our nation’s independence than in true American fashion at one of the most iconic theme parks in the country. Let’s go to Disneyland! It’s summertime and freedom is in the air. Nothing should hold you back from enjoying this warm holiday season, no matter what. Do you have a physical disability? Are you concerned about finding ample transportation to one of California’s greatest attractions? It’s time to turn those worries around. Disneyland has loads of wheelchair accessible rides and activities. Here’s our guide for handicapped adventurers on how to navigate Disneyland, which you can easily arrive at by using Anaheim Wheelchair Van Rentals. Everything in this list is 100% wheelchair accessible.

The Enchanted Tiki Room: Want to see some topical wild life? Check out the Enchanted Tiki Room to see a combination of bright and colorful flowers and exotic birds, integrated into a fun 15 minute musical performance of the South Seas. There’s also an enchanted garden that makes for the perfect escape from the stresses of life. Let’s take a trip to paradise.

Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition: Are you a sharp shooter? Test how steady your trigger finger is while taking aim a wide array of old western targets, popping up from all different directions. Note that there the rifles do not shoot pallets of any kind, and are entirely safe to use.

Games At The Boardwalk: Are you a gamer? Then this is the place for you. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to purchase an access card in advance and charge it with credits. Albeit, Disneyland is a majestic place. But it ain’t free.

Sleeping Beauty Castle: You won’t really have much say on the matter when it comes to the castle. It’s the single most iconic building in the entire park. It’s what you see at the start of any Disney production and finally, now you’ll have a chance to see the real thing. So much nostalgia will be brought to life. Just keep in mind that it’ll be closed at various points throughout the day for fireworks, especially in this most patriotic of weekends.

The Star Wars Launch Pad: STAR WARS! Following the record breaking box office smash of The Force Awakens and the upcoming Rogue One expected out this December, there’s a whole lot of hype in the air. When in Disneyland, the force is with us all. Check out all of your favorite characters in the Star War exhibit, and grab some delicious galactic dining in their restaurant.

So once you’ve finished your obligatory holiday barbecues and are ready to have some real fun, you know where to go. The weekend is nearly here. Spend this July 4th doing something you want to do. What’ve you got to lose? Book one of Wheeler’s Anaheim Wheelchair Van Rentals today and take a trip out to Disneyland this weekend! For more information on how to book a van, you can call Wheeler’s Accessible Van Rentals at 800-456-1371.

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