How To Operate A Wheeler’s Van

How To Operate A Wheeler’s Van

How To Operate A Wheeler’s Van

Do you have a physical handicap? Are you tired of the hassle that goes into traveling from place to place every time you need to be somewhere? Regardless of where you live, Wheeler’s Handicapped Accessible Van Rentals has rental locations throughout the United States and is eager to make your life just a little bit less stressful.


Doors and ramps: Wheeler’s has the option of manual or powered doors and ramps. Both are simple, easy, and safe to operate. All you need to do to open the door is simply pull the handle towards you and slide it until it clicks, at which point it will stay in place. Then pull the ramp out from the left side, and lower it to the ground. For the handicapped passengers safety, the van will not turn on for as long as the door is open. That’s why it’s important once the passengers have all entered the van to make sure that all doors are fully closed.


To what kinds of wheelchairs are these vans accessible? All of them. That includes manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, scooters, and more. Practically anything with wheels that will fit between the car doors is accessible through Wheeler’s ramps.


Comfort and safety: Once inside, the passenger has the liberty to maneuver his or her chair into a position by which they are comfortable and ready to travel. When the passenger is nice and comfy, their chair can be strapped into the four point tie down retractors. To pull out the retractor belts, press the red lever and tug. You can then hook the belt to the chair, effectively holding the passenger in place. Be sure to secure the passenger in all four corners. Balance is key to the passengers safety and comfort. Safety is the number one priority at Wheeler’s, which is why in addition to retractor belts on the floor, there is also a seat belt that stretches across the passenger’s lap.


Afterward: In order to put the belts back, you need only release the lever on the floor. To close up the ramp, simply lift it up and it will bend automatically and place itself back into the van. Then pull the handle on the door towards you and slide the door closed. Again, remember the security feature when closing the door. If the van does not start, the door should be the first thing you check.


For more information on how to operate Wheeler’s vans, check out the video below:


Are you living in Tampa and looking for wheelchair van rentals? Whatever needs or questions you may have regarding Wheeler’s handicapped accessible van rentals, feel free to call them at 800-456-1371. Drive safely and enjoy your trip.

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