The Atlanta Wheelchair Van Rental Friendly Tourist Guide

The Atlanta Wheelchair Van Rental Friendly Tourist Guide

The Atlanta Wheelchair Van Rental Friendly Tourist Guide

The Georgia capital is one of the most well known cities south of the Mason-Dixon and it has an extensive collection of attractions you can’t afford to miss. With a full list of entertaining and wheelchair accessible sights, all of which are easily reached with an Atlanta wheelchair van rental, there is no reason anyone should feel discouraged from getting the full Atlanta experience. Find below a list of just a handful of the countless tourist options to check out in your visit.


Centennial Olympic Park

It first opened in 1996 for the Olympics. It’s located right in the downtown section of the city. It was one of the most frequented parts of the city and is wheelchair friendly with paths intertwining throughout the park. It’s also decorated with art and sculptures throughout and has a computer-controlled fountain synchronized to music. It is a common location for festivals and shows. It’s open from 7 in the morning to 11 at night and would love to have you as company. Not to mention that thanks to its location, Centennial Olympic Park is nice and close to several other tourist attractions.


Skyview Ferris Wheel

Get a 360 degree panoramic view  of the city in a 100% wheelchair accessible gondola 20 stories high on the famous Atlanta Skyview Ferris Wheel. All the gondolas are air-conditioned too, so on a warm summer day, you’ll be able to relax and cool off with 2 to 5 fellow passengers. A ride lasts around 10 minutes give or take it costs only $13.50 to ride. For more info or if you’d like to book a ride in advance, click here.


The Aquarium

Also nice and close to the Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium takes you into the depths of the sea with over 100,000 different animals inside. The amount of water it holds is estimated to be around 10 million gallons! Until 2012 it was the largest aquarium in the world and remains second only to one in Singapore. Set aside a full afternoon if possible because this will likely take a while to get the full experience. Admission costs a little less than $40 ($34 for seniors), but is worth every penny, if for nothing else, merely for its enormity and aquatic diversity.


The Zoo

Once you’re finally versed in everything aquatic, it’s time to check out the terraneous wildlife at the Atlanta Zoo. For some, zoos are a bit of a turn-off, but not this one. That’s because the Atlanta Zoo has pandas! Giant pandas! There are few experiences here on God’s green earth that are as adorable as panda bears simply being panda bears. There’s also an especially diverse gorilla community at the zoo. Take a wheelchair accessible train ride that runs throughout the entire zoo, so as to not miss out on any of the 1,500 different animals.


Book the trip today. To make life a bit easier, be sure to also arrange for a Georgia wheelchair van rental, so you can hit all the best sights before you leave. For more info on Atlanta wheelchair van rental, or if you’re looking for rentals elsewhere, call Wheeler’s Handicapped Accessible Van Rentals at 800-456-1371, as they have rental vans throughout the country.

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