The Two Most Wheelchair Friendly Cities In California

The Two Most Wheelchair Friendly Cities In California

The Two Most Wheelchair Friendly Cities In California

California is a remarkably diverse and beautiful state, both in terms of its people and its landscapes. Culture varies with each town and city and with each place there is a unique charm to it. There’s plenty to see, and for those who have the time, it’s totally worth the trek to try and appreciate as much as possible. But eventually, we all have to settle down and choose a place to land. And if you’ve got the travel bug, the place you land will probably not be the same place from where you started. And for those with physical disabilities who are looking for a city to live in, finding the perfect balance between culture, food, cost of living, and most importantly, wheelchair accessibility, can be a bit of a challenge. So once you’ve completed your road trip using California wheelchair van rentals to get from point A to point Z, check this list to help guide your final decision. Here are the most wheelchair friendly cities in California.


Berkeley is the kind of city in which no one feels obligated to be anyone except themselves. In true California spirit, Berkeley locals embrace a culture of independence, free of judgment. People in Berkeley pride themselves on progressive values, where no matter your personal background, you’re treated as an equal. Perhaps most importantly, the state pays for handicapped residents’ personal assistance services through the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program. Not to mention the scenery is gorgeous after dark.

Like anywhere, the city is not without its flaws. With the open-mindedness comes a fair share of political correctness that can be a bit irritating at times. Berkeley is also not a prime location to search for employment. So if you do not have a steady career you play to fall into upon arrival, keep that in mind. Crime is not so bad, but there are gangs and they can make things feel a bit uneasy at points. If none of that deters you, then who knows. Berkeley could be your new home.

San Jose

Here too the government is very much involved in finding ways to make as much of the city accessible to people with physical handicaps as possible. In case for some reason you don’t have access to California wheelchair van rentals, San Jose has a remarkably accessible public transit system, so you move about the city as your please without having to depend someone. You can also enjoy the warm California weather while getting a bit of exercise in your choice of parks, as nearly all are designed with paths, making them entirely accessible for you to roll through as you please. There’s also plenty of work and programs aimed at finding jobs for unemployed handicapped residents.

As is the unfortunate case with most California cities, it is a quite a pricey place to live. You also may have some trouble finding a suitable place to live. There’s also a disconcerting amount of pollution, which has turned some people off of it in the past. That said, the weather is gorgeous and it’s ultimately a very nice place to live. So you pick your battles. It’s best to see it for yourself before embracing or discarding it.

Try something different. California has so much more to offer than just Los Angeles and San Francisco. And in case you’re looking to escape from the chaos but still enjoy the accessibility of a city, Berkeley and San Jose are both wonderful alternatives. They are all but overpopulated, less expensive with gorgeous weather, and entirely wheelchair friendly. So the next time you next California wheelchair van rentals to take a road trip through the Golden State, make a stop through these two cities. Who knows, they could be your new home in the not so distant future. For more information on how to get a hold of one of those special vans, give Wheelers Handicapped Accessible Van Rentals a call at 800-456-1371.

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