Wheelchair Accessible Massachusetts

Wheelchair Accessible Massachusetts

Wheelchair Accessible Massachusetts

Welcome to the Bay State, home to several of the nation’s best sports teams, restaurants, and bars, where the towns are named after impossible to pronounce British places and the people talk like JFK. There’s plenty to see, and that’s not just in Boston either. Northeast USA has its own culture and it’s a delight to get to know. Furthermore, there’s no reason why any physical handicap should ever deter you from exploring the country. With Massachusetts wheelchair van rentals, you can explore at your leisure. So without further ado, here’s a guide to all the best, most wheelchair friendly places for you visit throughout the state.

Worcester Art Museum

Worcester (pronounced Wurster), has an art gallery that attracts tourists and art enthusiasts from all sides of the country, and even the world. Spend the day admiring ancient Greco-Roman fine art and Asian masterpieces. The museum holds Monet, El Greco, Gauguin and more. There’s also a beautiful courtyard in which you can enjoy your lunch. And now that winter has finally come to a close, it’s a perfect time to finally re-enter the outdoors. Massachusetts wheelchair van rentals should be taken to the lot on Tuckerman Street. You can then head inside at the Stoddard Garden Court entrance where you’ll find ramps, allowing you access to exhibits throughout the museum. There’s also quite a nice cafe where you can chat and reflect.


Next up is one of the most elite universities in the entire world. The campus is beyond beautiful and really a worthwhile visit. And once again, thanks to the newly fresh spring weather, now is an ideal time to enjoy the outdoors. Take the student-led Harvard Yard tour and brush up on your history. There’s quite a lot throughout the state of Massachusetts and Harvard’s as good a place to start. The tour’s 100% free and is highly enjoyable.

Boston Duck Tour

See the city from the water and on land in the same vehicle. The Duck Bus is a semi-amphibious boat on wheels. For all the history buffs, Boston is a prime location to sharpen your expertise of this nation’s origins. In this tour, you’ll see the State House to Bunker Hill, which has a golden dome as its roof and holds a tremendous amount of history leading back to the American Revolution. You’ll explore the entirety of the city and come out informed and satisfied. The boat has special wheelchair straps so you will be completely safe and secure. If you prefer to sit in one of the seats instead of using the special wheelchair safety devices, you’re welcome to do so provided that you specify as much upon buying the ticket.

Massachusetts has tons to offer and now’s the time to take advantage. This past winter was brittle. Exploring the far north of the United States may not be preferable to everyone in its coldest of months. In fact, at points it’s not even possible, as snowstorms are known to cause whole cities to shut down at times. But those days have passed, and now it’s time to hop in the Massachusetts wheelchair van rentals and get some culture. For more information on how to make this happen, contact Wheelers Handicapped Accessible Van Rentals at 800-456-1371.

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