4 Marketing Consulting Tips On How To Write Content That Sells

4 Marketing Consulting Tips On How To Write Content That Sells

4 Marketing Consulting Tips On How To Write Content That Sells

If you have a website through which you are selling a product or service, then producing content is an an essential part of the process in attracting more users. Web content serves several purposes. Firstly, it informs users of topics and news about you what is happening with your business. It also keeps people engaged and gives them something to share with their friends if they find it interesting. In addition, content contains keywords that improve your search engine optimization (SEO), which arguably is the single most important aspect of running a website.

So with all this in mind, it should go without saying that web content is an extremely important part of your website. Thus the quality should be tip top in such a way that effectively complements your business. Below you will find a guide on exactly how to make content that sells:

1: Know your audience: As is the case with practically any style or field of writing, you must be aware of exactly who it is you are writing to. What do they want and how much of it can you give them without it feeling excessive? Consider your audience and do all you can to put yourself in their shoes. Readers can be extremely sensitive. A few poorly worded sentences and you could sabotage your credibility completely. That’s why it is vital that you speak their language.

2. Earn their respect: While it is important to adjust your language to that of your audience, you must also establish that you are indeed an expert in this area, and that your opinion is worth taking seriously. Unless you’re a satirist, you will not benefit from your audience laughing you off. That’s why you want to make sure you are well read in what you’re about to publish. And anyway, if it is something you are trying to sell, you should know your product or service inside out.

3. Be controversial: Just because you understand your audience doesn’t mean you have to be 100% politically correct. Consider, for example, the unprecedented amount of momentum Donald Trump has attained in his presidential campaign. Trump intentionally puts the media at the front of every press conference, and then promptly goes ahead and says the most politically incorrect statements any presidential candidate has said in recent history. The result? Thousands upon thousands of shares every day. Indeed, catching people’s eyes and ears is a good thing, and will often lead to higher sales.

4. Draw attention to how much better life could be: Some refer to this step as salting the wound. It forces your audience to dream big and forget about all the time before when they got by just fine without your product/service. Your goal as a content writer is to make your audience feel as though they need to make a change and that you are indeed what they’ve been waiting for.

Asking yourself, ‘What have they been doing that isn’t working? What can you provide that will get rid of that problem?‘ Answer those questions, and then force your audience to thoroughly consider them as well. The result will be money in the bank.

To all who underestimate the importance of content writing, you are doing yourself a disservice by depriving your audience. For those who found this article useful and seek more marketing consulting or full service email marketing tips, take a minute to check out email marketing agency Solutions For Growth. Whatever questions or concerns you may have, they will surely have an answer for you. Give them a call at 1-888-840-2595, or email them.