Advantages of Renting a Wheelchair Van

Advantages of Renting a Wheelchair Van

Advantages of Renting a Wheelchair Van

Should you buy your own wheelchair van? Or is it better to rent a wheelchair van? While it’s a known fact that a wheelchair van is an extremely useful vehicle that dramatically enhances the lives of wheelchair users (by allowing them to go to any place with zero assistance, and eliminating the hassle of having to transfer from a wheelchair to a car seat), most people still don’t know if they should buy or rent. Here you’ll find 4 reasons why it’s better to rent a wheelchair van:


You can rent a wheelchair van for a long as you need to, and you can do it anywhere in the United States of America. It can be a weekend, a month, or the entire summer. For example, if you’re on a business trip and you need easy transportation, you can just rent a wheelchair van for a couple days – no need to buy one.


A wheelchair van can be delivered to any place of your convenience. A hotel, an airport, a cabin in the woods, or anywhere you want (as long as there is a road). If you’re travelling by plane, your wheelchair van rental will be waiting for you at the airport.

Several Vehicle Options

Mobility vans come in both minivans and full-sized vans. These special vans can accommodate up to two wheelchair passengers. Depending on your needs, the internal configuration of your wheelchair van must be adjusted accordingly. Also, remember you’ll need a full-sized van if you’re going to travel with a large group of people.

Try Before You Buy

Now, the biggest advantage of wheelchair van rentals is that you can actually “test-drive” several different kinds of vans before you even think about buying your own wheelchair van. This means you can find the perfect wheelchair van that’ll work perfectly for your daily routine (without any long-term financial commitment on your part). If you bought your own van before checking on all the available options, you may end up buying the wrong van (a deadly mistake that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars).

You must know that premier companies such as Wheelers Van Rentals have a “Rent to Own” program that allows you to pay for your mobility van with the same money you paid to rent it. Should you decide to buy the van you rented, Wheelers Van Rentals will take 50% of the rental fee and apply it to the purchase of your van. Without any doubt, this is the only way to truly “try before you buy,” and you’ll be able to guarantee you’re buying the right van for your needs. So, if you’re looking for North Dakota Wheelchair Van Rentals, then you need to talk with one of Wheelers Van Rentals’ mobility van specialists at 1-800-456-1371.