The basics of Sun-proof summer style for Men

The basics of Sun-proof summer style for Men

The basics of Sun-proof summer style for Men

It’s summer and most of us are eager to start enjoying the sun, the sand and the beach. Some lucky fellas are already partying and relaxing around the closest Bay Area and hanging out by the pool, the boardwalk and the pier. But are they safe from the damaging solar radiation and in style at the same time? The answer is easy: Not likely!

That’s why we’ve decided to share with you the basics for a stylish sun-proof summer.

Neat and clean-cut looks are about to get ditched in favor of  long and shaggy surf hair. Anthony Kiedis is a great example of the hippie-looking trend the newer generations of dudes are adopting. Even the catwalks were starred by male models rocking the now classic 90’s grungy long hair.

So in order to achieve this trendy look, use a leave-in hair oil on your hair to protect it from the sun, and add some salt spray to channel your inner LA rock star.

Just so you know, your hair is not the only thing you should be protecting from the sun and your skin requires more special care than anything else, starting with the eyes. The skin around them is the most prone to wrinkles and sun damage. So, to keep yourself wrinkle free and avoiding excessive effects of sun exposure, carry a pocket-sized sun care stick with to make sure you’re blocking the sun from your eyes. Try to go with an SPF 30 for protection against UVA rays. If you have very fair skin, choose a broad spectrum stick with SPF 50. Also, make sure you apply after-sun care and a nourishing eye serum before going to bed at night.

As for your summer body, nothing says summer like a tan. If you are one of the lucky fellas relaxing while enjoying the sunshine, don’t forget to use a good sunscreen, if you want one that adds a glow or dash of color to your skin, go for it. But make sure it’s at least SPF 30.

Tans have the power of making you look more attractive instantaneously. But if you can’t obtain a natural tan this summer, remember self-tanning is always an option. Try a tinted moisturizer or instant tan can.

But the outside it’s not the only thing you should be grooming and protecting this summer. Pop some vitamin D to boost the sun’s positive effects in your body, as it is responsible for the regulation of calcium and phosphorous and building muscle strength. Nonetheless, you must not forget applying a skin protecting moisturizer every morning and a nourishing and refreshing after-sun lotion before going to bed.

Keeping yourself hydrated is of huge importance. Our skin reflects what’s going on inside our bodies, if you had a heavy night your face will show it. However, there are new beauty drinks and  skincare supplements that can help you go along way if you pair them with lots of water, fresh fruit juice and a healthy diet. This will not only help your skin regenerate, it will also help you feel healthy on the inside and out, look better and maybe even improve your performance.

Staying healthy this summer and all year round should be a priority for you. Dr. Harry Fisch is a men’s health expert and a vasectomy and vasectomy reversal specialist from Manhattan. Keep your men’s health in top notch condition making an appointment with him. Call at 212-879-0800


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