Why Dual-Screens Are The Way To Go

Why Dual-Screens Are The Way To Go

Why Dual-Screens Are The Way To Go

You may have heard silly comments such as Who needs a second screen, or, One screen is enough, or, Two screens take up too much space and are burdensome. Ignore those people because they don’t know what they’re talking about. Two screens are awesome and they make a world of a difference in your productivity and user experience. Here are just a few reasons why, at least when it comes to computer monitors, two is always better than one. Here’s why.

More Productivity

Studies show that more work can be done when more is visible at the same time. By cutting out the middle man of having to scroll or click to other windows, you can speed everything up substantially. In fact, with dual computer screens, you’ll be able to complete your tasks up to 30% faster than if you were using only one. By making everything more visible, you reduce the possibility of missing key details and making careless mistakes.

Makes It Easier To Do Several Things At Once

With two screens, you can keep an eye on coding or finances, etc. on one screen while communicating with clients on the other. One with a talent for multitasking will always find a place in a company. Make yourself a more valuable employee by upping your multitasking game to a hundred.

Easier Movement Of Files, Text, Etc.

Sometimes you’ll cut or copy something, and then forget about it looking for wherever it was you were planning to paste it. With two screens, it can all be done in one swift motion. That means you’ll be able to minimize the ways that any activity can get lost in the muck due to too many things being open at once.

Making Comparisons

Get the full view of two products back to back. A lot can be lost from having to close a window and open another. By having both items right in front of you, you can save time and make a more informed decision about which of the two is the better choice.

You’ll Impress Your Boss

What better way to show your boss that you’re committed to getting the maximum amount of work done with the utmost quality than with a big extra screen. Lead by example and demonstrate to your boss your tech savviness.

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