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How to paint your garage floor

How to paint your garage floor

How to paint your garage floor

As the Poughkeepsie garage doors experts, the professional team of Hudson Valley Overhead Doors & Operators has shared with us the ultimate method to paint your garage floor with a flawless finish.


If you’re thinking about renovating your garage but don’t want to go overboard with your expenses, you should consider painting your floor, it is relatively inexpensive and the results are very satisfying. Your garage will look clean, fresh and renewed.

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So, get to work and follow these steps for a flawless garage floor paint job:


  1. Gather your materials.

First things first, go to the hardware store and get brushes, rollers, painting tape, and anything else you will need to paint your garage. Think about the size and dimensions of your garage and choose utensils accordingly. Make sure you get all the materials that will allow you to reach every corner of your floor.


  1. Pick the right paint.

If it wasn’t obvious, you should not paint your garage floor with the same paint you did your bedroom. But what kind of paint should you use, then?

Well, most people use latex acrylic or epoxy paint.

If you don’t want to spend that much, latex paint is cheaper than epoxy, although epoxy is a lot more durable. Your latex paint can last for about 2 years but epoxy will last up to 4 years. So, pick the one that better suits your budget and color requirements.


  1. Clean thoroughly.

Porous floors allow grime and dirt to stick easily and if you want a flawless finish, you really need the floor pristine. If your floor has been painted before, remove the paint with a chemical remover before you start this process.

Use a power washer and degrease the floor. If you don’t have a power washer, use a scrubbing brush with stiff bristles; apply laundry detergent, TSP or degreaser and let it sit on the floor for a while, without letting it dry. Then, start scrubbing and wash everything off with a hose, using as much pressure as you can.

Last but not least, allow to dry very well.


  1. Prep & Prime the floor.

Once your floor is clean, you have to fix every little detail in order to have smooth and even surface.

  • Fill in any cracks. You can find products to fill cracks in any hardware store. Watch the sizes of all cracks and holes, and choose a product accordingly. Pay attention to the indications in the product, for example, how long you should allow it to dry before applying the paint. Once you´ve filled all the cracks, smooth out the surface whipping the excess with a wet cloth or with a scraper.
  • The pores of the floor should be open enough, so pain can be easily absorbed. If you spill a little water on the floor and it takes too much time to absorb the water, you need to apply a commercial etcher. This will make the floor absorb better and faster. Let it dry very well before you proceed with the next step.
  • Apply primer. Primer promotes the adhesion of paint to the surface. Apply the primer to your whole floor. Wait for hours until it dries and keep in mind that you cannot wait more than 30 days to apply the paint.


  1. Paint

Finally, it is time to apply the paint. Start with parts that are more difficult to reach and work your way out of the garage. It is advised to apply two coats of paint, in opposite directions. Allow to dry between coats and give your garage, at least, a week to completely dry before your start driving on your garage floor.


If you follow these instructions, the results will be guaranteed. You can add a sealer if you want but just the paint should last from 2 to 4 years, depending on the one you chose. Complement your garage renewal doing maintenance or repairing your garage door. If you’re located in Poughkeepsie or nearby, contact the expert team from Hudson Valley Overhead Doors & Operators at (845) 876-2772, they’ve been providing the whole Hudson Valley area with committed customer satisfaction and quality work since 1993.