Richard Gordon: Embodying the Art and Wisdom of Healing Through Energies

Richard Gordon: Embodying the Art and Wisdom of Healing Through Energies

Richard Gordon: Embodying the Art and Wisdom of Healing Through Energies

For almost 40 years, Richard Gordon has embodied the art and wisdom of healing through energies and hands-on healing techniques. Throughout the years, Gordon has helped individuals and practitioners learn how to harness the healing capabilities the energy that our bodies possess.

What is Quantum-Touch?

Quantum-Touch is a practice of energy medicine that harnesses what Gordon calls, the Life Force Energy of the body. This type of corporeal energy is also identified as ‘chi’ in Chinese medicine and ‘prana’ in Hindu philosophy and practices. This type of energy is not specific only to humans, it is a flow of energy that all living forms posses.

For most individuals, this energy is largely left unnoticed. Quantum-Touch first teaches us how to connect with our personal energies. We are taught how to focus and direct the energy. By amplifying our personal Life Force Energy, we can begin to see what benefits this healing work affords us.

Using Quantum-Touch

In our modern culture of medicine, rarely are we provided with preventative medicine. We often try to hack away at symptoms with little regard to their root causes. Quantum-Touch operates under the belief that the body carries the intelligence needed to repair itself back to health. By engaging with our personal energies, we can direct our bodies energetic capacity to repair what has been comprised and address the root causes of our ailments.

Founding Quantum-Touch

The organization and practice is almost 30 years old. Gordon’s professional history has always been deeply involved with holistic and natural forms of healing. However, after publishing his first book in 1978, Your Healing Hands: A Polarity Experience, Gordon began apprenticing with Bob Rasmussen. During this time, Gordon discovered the power of his hands and the energetic capabilities of the human body. Through this work, Gordon built off his prior knowledge and formed the techniques he is most famous for today.

Once Gordon was able to focus on exploring energy healing and hands-on healing, he was able to formalize a practice that is easy and accessible enough to be taught to children, but that was also powerful enough to excite and confound the academic worlds of spirituality, physics, and other experts in the many fields of medicine.

Quantum-Touch and You

To access Gordon’s knowledge is easy enough. Gordon published two very successful books, easily found with any literary distributor: Your Healing Hands – The Polarity Experience in his earlier years, and in 2006, Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal. Gordon travels all over the world to speak and teach in all types of forums and exchanges. Starting July 8th, if you sign up for the online World Wide Transformational Summit, you will have access to exclusive seminars online with Richard Gordon and other transformational speakers.

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