Spring Break Study Tips

Spring Break Study Tips

Spring Break Study Tips

Spring Break is here and although it is a time to have fun and relax, it’s important to know how to enjoy your time off while handling school work. Studying during Spring Break will prevent you from falling behind on your academic work and will help you retain information. Here are a few tips you can follow to study effectively during Spring Break.

Plan ahead

Before Spring Break comes, have a plan ready to carry out. Write down what subjects you will study every day and how much time you will spend on them. Establish deadlines and follow an organized schedule to maximize your efficiency.

Use time wisely

Set up a time that will be exclusively to study, nothing else. If you’re traveling, use the waiting time in airports to get some studying done. Long car rides and stormy days also make good times for studying. Take advantage of all the free time you have to review material.

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Maintain healthy sleeping and eating habits

The end of the semester could be the toughest days to get through, so setting up a good sleep schedule can help you get the rest you need during the break. It will also pay off when classes start again because you will have a healthy sleeping routine. Eating healthy will also help brain cells function better and lead to gains in class.

Consider Spring Break volunteer activities related to your academic career

Doing extracurricular activities related to your academic career will give you real-world experience and look good on your college application. Whether it is in your local domestic violence shelter, a nature reserve, or the humane society, volunteering will amplify your perspective and give you new, exciting experiences that will benefit your academic work.


Take some time out to do your favorite hobbies or hang out with friends. This is the best time to recharge your batteries, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Get the rest you need and enjoy your Spring Break.

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